West Syberian innovation center in high technology in Tyumen. Technopark.


The technopark is located on the highest level in Tyumen city. The whole complex includes living houses, shopping mall, school for high educational students, sport area, parking lots and the hotel.
The main goal of the composition of the complex was to create a dominant for city. So I decided to design two main buildings of the complex (technopark and the hotel) as a skyscrapers.
I’ve analysed examples of the skyscrapers all over the world and underline the tendency to build huge complexes that consists of the number of 1-3 floors buildings. But I decided to connect all the parts of the technopark into one building to save the territory and make the connection between technopark’s parts easier.
The building of the technopark also includes public areas (ex. Exhibition area) so it will be visited by citizens of Tyumen.
To my mind, this complex will bring innovations and income into our city not only from Russian Federation, but from foreign countries. It will increase the intelligent level of our society. So the design of it is pretty useful.

Thesis. Tyumen State University of architecture and Civil Engineering_2010