Tutor: MC Architects, Filippo Taidelli

The idea of a project is to create an easy removable, light, off grid complex, that can be transported by car and used in the desert for eco-sustainable extreme type of tourism.
The project consists of movable tents,simillar to the vernacular architecture of the bedouin ones, The material of a tent is devided as a patchwork, according to sun hours analisis,so one part provides solar energy and another one works similar to the goat woaven material, used by bedouins, and protect it from the strong wind with sand during the day, and avoid overheating, storing the heat during the day and gives it to the internal part during the night.
The tent can include one,two or three parts, depends on the occupancy.
It also can be opened and closed according to the condition of the weather.
All the poosibilities and strategies were calculated and checked with Design Builder and Ecotect.

Workshop_Home Master in Sustainable arcitecture 2011 IED_ Torino